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Who is Abdelrahman Amr?

Abdelrahman Amr is an ambitious researcher in Biosystems Engineering with experience in environmental science and artificial intelligence. His background in water management, agriculture irrigation, and developing artificial intelligence models. Abdelrahman’s passion is to be one of the agricultural field developers through applying new technology like artificial inelegance and IoT. He devotes his lifelong to learning, also eager to increase his academic contributions and achievements through continued publishing scientific papers and promotion to a higher academic degree.

Abdelrahman aims to be one of the best agricultural scientists, so he learn and read to develop himself in his life journey. Through his learning journey, he decided to share his knowledge, experience, and what he will learn to contribute and help in building the next generation of scientists. So through his website, he aims to:

Abdelrahman's Academic Background

Abdelrahman has studied agriculture engineering (biosystems engineering) at Kafrelesheikh University, and he was rewarded for being one of the top ten students among all departments’ students. After the BSc, he decided to expand his knowledge, so he was studied for a one-year diploma in Environmental Sciences and Industrial Development. In 2018, he won a full scholarship from the Turkish government to study master’s degree in biosystems engineering.

Abdelrahman's Achivements

Abdelrahman has the qualities and skills that enabled him to achieve excellence in three different academic degrees in different environments. His unlimited motivation and love for facing the challenges lead him to acquire new skills or knowledge and be ready for a Ph.D. as the next challenge.



Awards & Honors


  • Arabic: Native Speaker
  • English: Advanced
  • Turkish: Advanced

2022 - 2026

Ph.D. Agricultural Structures and irrigation

  • Ankara University
  • Faculty Of Agriculture Engineering

2019 - 2021

M.Sc. Biosystems Engineering

  • Uludağ University
  • Faculty Of Agriculture Engineering
  • Final Grade: Excellent (A+)

2017 - 2018

Diploma of Environmental Sciences

  • Beni-Suef University
  • Faculty Of Post Graduate Studies for Advanced Science
  • Final Grade: Excellent: (A-)

2013 - 2017

B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering

  • Kafrelsheikh University
  • Faculty Of Agriculture
  • Final Grade: Excellent (Honor) (A-)

Be ready for The next generation of Agriculture.

The traditional research methods and skills in agriculture are no longer practical to achieve sustainability; therefore, researchers in the agricultural field acquire modern technologies skills such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data that help them achieve sustainability.

Abdelrahman has been two years experince in Machine learning, Deep Learning, Data Analysis and Deep Reinforcment Learning.

as Experience in:

UDACITY NanoDegrees

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deeplearning.ai Specialization

DeepLearning.AI is an education technology company that is empowering the global workforce to build an AI-powered future through world-class education, hands-on training, and a collaborative community.

TensorFlow Developer

Deep Learning

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